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An Organized Take on Design

Susan Toth

This is the goal that SET For Design hopes to achieve with every project. Having great design sense is just the start.  Being organized, professional and detail-oriented is just as important to ensuring successful completion of any design.

SET For Design is owned and managed by Susan Toth.  Susan is an organized and dedicated customer-centric professional with 15 years of experience in various industries including consumer products and financial services, but her passion has been interior decorating for as long as she can remember.  Susan holds an MBA and an interior decorating certificate from George Brown, and is more than comfortable working with budgets, clients and suppliers. She is also an accredited member of the Canadian Decorators' Assocation (CDECA).

SET For Design has access to suppliers who deal exclusively with the design trade, so that clients have access to furnishings that they would not otherwise.  Plus, we are affiliated with a group of experienced associates, who bring distinctive skills to projects as required. SET For Design is a fully insured and registered business.

As an interior decorator, Susan believes you can achieve a high-end look with a more realistic price tag.  She can appreciate what clients want, as she has walked in their shoes.

Her designs emphasize clean lines and nature, as Susan has a love and knowledge of plants and flowers, to create spaces that are crisp and fresh.

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